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It was a hard week for both of them, so the decision to go out to eat instead of shopping, shopping and cooking was easy.
They sat down at the small tapas restaurant in Jægergårdsgade. She had taken a tight coat card black dress, revealing her beautiful baskets, black self-adhesive nylon stockings and high heeled sandals. She knew that it turned on him when she got up a little and had to notice his eyes when he stole to look at her. They ate and talked long in the week they had been through and it was clear how well they knew and respected each other.
Then she got up and went to the bathroom. She came back, sat down and gave him what she had in her hand – her little blonde throats. He got a stomach in his stomach. The thought that she was sitting at him without panties was sexy and he could feel the heat spread from his abdomen.

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Suddenly he could also feel her foot between her legs. Under the tablecloth she had taken off one shoe and gently rubbed his cock while she innocently sat with her glass of wine between her hands with the elbows on the table. She saw him blurred in her eyes. He grew right away. They sat for a long time and enjoyed it. Everything was perfect – she was so beautiful in the candle’s candles, he could feel her sexy foot massage him, and if he wanted, he could put his hand under her dress and feel her warm lap. He never wanted it to stop, but would also have more!
He asked for the bill, paid and helped her coat.
They strolled a little around and enjoyed the happy Friday’s atmosphere in the city’s small streets. They stopped and kissed – deep and long. She hung her tongue deep into his mouth. She tasted great. They went on. “Let’s find a place we can dance,” she said, watching him enthusiastically. He smiled at her and nodded. He loved how she could be a little girl when she got a good idea.
He still had her panties in her pocket and had difficulty concentrating and as she passed a shady doorway, he pulled her in. He turned her and pulled her resolutely towards her so her lovely ass pushed towards his cock. With one hand he greeted greedy about her one full chest while the other found her way down between her legs. She laid her head backwards on his shoulder. He kissed her neck and let her fingers massage her clitoris, first as quietly, more and more intensely, until she eventually gasped and her leg was beneath her. He could feel her satisfaction running down her thighs, smiling for herself and kissing her cheek before moving on.
The little cafe had live music of a trio that played Latin-inspired music. They ordered two mojitos and sat in a sofa next to each other.

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The music was hard to sit still. She had her coat in his lap and underneath it he let his hand slide between her easily spread legs. She looked amazed at him, who said Hov-hoov, your cheeky, but he could feel that she spread her legs a little more so he could better come. He gently touched her and she closed her eyes.
She was still wet. He raised his hand to his mouth and slowly pushed his finger. She bowed spontaneously in her lower lip.
“Come,” he said, pulling her up on the dance floor. The music was sensual and they danced closely. He held her in one hand up in front of her chest and pressed her hips toward him with the other in her loin. His one leg pressed easily between her and he could feel her rubbing at him in line with the music. They looked deep in their eyes and the world stood still.
They danced for a long time – just had to feel each other’s bodies moving rhythmically like one.
As they sat in the car, he could not wait anymore. “Do you want to do something for me?” He asked and she looked at him and immediately knew what he wanted – “Of course, honey”. She lighted his pants down, took him in the mouth and began to sip his cock passionately. He closed his eyes and felt how he was overwhelmed with relaxed delight. You are the world’s most beautiful woman – beautiful and loving, romantic and naughty, and not least generous, he thought. Her heavy work was clever and it did not last long before he had to give up and get in her mouth. She became greedy until she had emptied him for everything he had and looked up and looked at him.

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“Thank you,” they said in their mouths and laughed.
In the car home she was so relaxed that she fell asleep. He raised his hand between her legs and helped her dreams in the right direction. She moaned gently in her sleep and it did not take long before he could feel his cock grow again. I can not wait – I want her now, he thought and decided to stay in the resting place a couple of miles ahead. When he turned the car off, she woke up. “Where are we?” she asked a bit confused. “I want to fuck you here and now!” He said definitely, but with a smile. Her body was still influenced by her hot dreams, so she immediately felt the idea. He opened the backpack and she lay down. Now he regained her generosity. He mumbled and she grabbed his head and pushed it toward her warm wet lap while she was giggling came several times. He raised two fingers in her and massage her g-point while routinely squeezing her clitoris. He increased the pace and eventually she came into an intense squirting mask that hit him in the face. It was crazy cheeky. He got up and pulled his stiff cock and stabbed it into her wet hot pussy. She sighed with joy. Slowly he moved in and out into rhythmic shocks. A few more times she closed her eyes and sat easily.
“Now I want to feel your tight asshole,” he whispered. “Mmmm,” she nodded enthusiastically, ignited by all-embracing suffering. He moistened her and pushed her head against her star and after a few seconds she slipped into it. Her breathing became shorter and more superficial. He squeezed slowly into her. She lay in one fist. “Shall I stop?” he asked. “No! – More,” she answered quickly. He began to fuck her in the ass. She was tight and the feeling was indescribably delicious. At intervals, there was a spit to avoid friction becoming too violent. He pulled out and enjoyed seeing how her light reddish asshole pulled slowly and then stabbed her cock again. Slowly, he gradually increased the pace to him, with a firm grab of her hips, Pumped and encountered the best he had learned. She whipped a lot of joy and he popped like a steam engine. “NOW!” He shouted, pulled out his cock and grabbed it. His orgasm was so powerful that he sprayed over her and all the way up in her face. “Holy crap, that was good,” he said breathlessly. She smiled, wiped his juice with a finger and put it off with a smile.

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